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About the company

Launch a Swiss Luxury Water to global Markets, transporting Swissness and a touch of Alpine Lifestyle.

Main challenges

Building a luxury brand and convince a high level B2B target group.


Made the Brand ready to launch

A strong storyline and high-end positioning made feelabel on the channels and the website.

Growth Hacking

Coming up with creative and innovative approaches to reach the top hospitality in Switzerland, Asia and Dubai without having the budget of established luxury brands.

Building Reach with Influencers

We carefully chose influencers and events to promote OSUISSE and build a social community.

zealy developed a strong strategic setup, which made it possible for OSUISSE to be positioned as a top brand from the very beginning. The low budget video production was a huge highlight, and surprised us in many ways.
Heinz Zurcher, CEO & Co-Founder

Alpine Lifestyle for a Swiss Luxury Water

*Photos and videos created by Richtig&Gut GmbH