Who's behind zealy

zealy is all about bringing more drive and easier access to the creative world. Having an outstanding marketing setup and a state of the art brand shouldn’t be trouble.

Behind zealy

About us

Sandra Kobel and Florian Kadler are the founders of zealy, the vision behind is bringing easier access to creative and marketing services. They both are rooted in the start-up ecosystem and have their passion in building new businesses and bringing ideas to life. This passion also drives them, when working for the clients of zealy.

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Meet the Team

Sandra Kobel

CEO & Co-Founder
Sandra has a huge passion about building brands, bringing them successfully to market and helping them grow. One of her strongest fields of expertise is Growth Hacking, what she also lectures at universities. Before she established herself in the startup industry, she worked for Ringier and Neue Zürcher Zeitung and was responsible for some of the biggest campaigns in Switzerland. An Executive MBA in digital marketing rounds off her profile. With her ability to always keep the bigger picture in mind, she already guided many startups through almost every challenge.

Florian Kadler

COO & Co-Founder
Florian turns ideas into tangible concepts and measures. He is driven by creativity and passionate about innovation and sustainability. He studied Product Design and worked for the Swiss television in their design and art department. At zealy he's in charge of bringing our clients, projects and zealy itself further by having a close eye on trends and innovation. He's known for going the extra mile and having a strong sense for details. He's very open minded which allows him to take up a lot of inspirations and turns them into outstanding ideas. 

Elise Older

CCO & Managing Director
With a profound grasp of digital marketing dynamics, she is a visionary leader who possesses an innate sense for exceptional talent and a flair for translating ideas into tangible, high-performing strategies. Guided by empathy and adept guidance, she meticulously sources and cultivates outstanding individuals, transforming their potential into a powerful creative force. Bringing an international perspective to our team, her rich background complements her managerial prowess. With extensive expertise gained from working on professional TV sets for HBO and the BBC, she infuses every project with an unparalleled ability to orchestrate seamless coordination and drive successful outcomes.

Evy Hoobroeckx

Business Innovation Manager
Evy, an Industrial Ecologist with a background in Industrial Product Design, is our lead of business innovation management. She works great in dynamic work environments, with the ability to adapt quickly and learn from diverse experiences. Her diverse background not only enables her to learn fast but also provides a unique perspective at marketing, making her a valuable asset in the world of innovation.

Rostyslav Marushchak

Administrative Support Specialist
Rostyslav is our Administrative Support Specialist at zealy. With a background in administrative management, he ensures the smooth functioning of our day-to-day operations with attention to detail and a proactive approach. He handles various tasks and is a trusted point of contact for both internal teams and clients. Rostyslav's dedication to providing exceptional administrative support reflects his  commitment to zealy's success.

Manuel Krähe

CMO as a Servant
With a fervent passion for digital business models, Manuel possesses extensive expertise in digital marketing, data analysis and digital process automation. His international background sets him apart, having garnered rich work and study experiences across several European countries. This diverse exposure not only enhances his perspective but also adds depth to his understanding of global digital trends. Having multi-year experience in ecommerce, Manuel has honed his skills to optimize digital strategies for a diverse range of businesses. Guided by his deep understanding of the digital domain, Manuel continually seeks to harness its potential in order to drive transformative results and sustainable growth

Luca Obrist

CMO as a Servant
Luca is a dedicated marketing and brand strategist with a flair for creative art direction, an e-commerce expert, an impactful team leader, and a proven decision-maker. With a Master's degree in Digital Business Management, he has had the privilege of guiding numerous esteemed companies towards online success. As the former Head of Marketing at NIKIN and current CMO at 3RD MAY, Luca excels in crafting brand and sales strategies and elevating customer experience. His ultimate goal is to foster growth by infusing brands with the perfect blend of innovation and a compelling brand voice.

Fabián Domínguez García

CMO as a Servant
Fabian has over a decade of experience in helping startups and SMEs grow. He brings a blend of creativity and strategic thinking to drive measurable results for our clients. As the CMO of startups like Relai and Splint Invest, he has helped them become some of the fastest-growing Fintechs in Europe and raise millions from Venture Capitalists, as well the the Swiss TV-Show "Höhle der Löwen" . His dedication to delivering high-quality results ensures that our marketing initiatives are both effective and innovative.

Andy Müller

CMO as a Servant
Thanks to his wealth of experience in marketing and business development and his quick grasp, Andy has a good feel for business models and customer needs. From this he derives profitable strategies to position a brand in a target-oriented way and to boost growth. In over 13 years on the agency side, he has advised and accompanied hundreds of SMEs and startups. In his backpack, he also has a Master's degree in New Business Development. Passionate and personal, he cares about the sustainable success of our zealy clients.
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