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CMO strategic guidance is always included in our CMO packages to give you the best results. You can choose the other services based on your needs.

See our available services below in 3 price categories.

Services & prices

Price category 1
CMO representation

Dedicated representation on a conference, board meeting, etc.

Represent the company: 1-2 prep meetings, organize and attend meetings. Costs related to an event like travelling, tickets etc. are billed additionally.

Consultation sessions (extra)

Personalized strategy sessions and progress reviews to align marketing efforts with business goals.

Scheduled consultation sessions: additional 2 meetings per month (30-45 minutes).

Dashboard insights

Comprehensive data analysis and visualization for informed decision-making.

Monthly commenting and adjusting your dashboard while tracking KPIs.

CHF 600 /Month
Price category 2
Digital advertising

Targeted ad campaigns and performance tracking across various digital platforms.

Weekly ad placing, tracking performance and optimizing if needed. Monthly channel selection, defining campaign goals. Up to 2 visuals per month.

SEO optimisation

Strategic keyword targeting and on-page/off-page optimization for improved search visibility.

Create and publish blog post every two weeks. Or backlinks (1 per week). Monthly insights and performance summary.

Newsletter campaigns

Planning and creating targeted email campaigns.

Monthly defining newsletter topic, creating newsletter content and sending them out and finally analysing the data. Including technical implementation, automation, templates etc. 1-2 newsletters per month.

Presentation services

Professional and compelling presentations tailored to clients' needs and branding.

Content creation and design for max 15 pages.

Automation solutions

Setup and run automated communication channels on platforms such as Klaviyo.

Creating content and run automations weekly. Monthly performance analysis and defining automation flow (1 per month).

CHF 750 /Month
Price category 3
Website maintenance services

Ensuring clients' websites remain up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance.

Monthly content updates and management, performance optimization, security monitoring and updates. (Up to 2 per month)

Social media posting

Posting on social media platform.

Posting 2 per week on one channel, includes visual and text. Monthly content scheduling and posting, engagement monitoring.

Partnership development

Identifying and nurturing strategic partnerships to expand clients' reach and opportunities.

Reach out to potential partners and run ongoing partnerships weekly. Identifying up to 3 potential partners per month.

PR management

Crafting compelling press releases and fostering media relations to enhance brand visibility.

Media relations and outreach. Per month up to 2 press release creations and distribution to up to 5 press contacts (each).

Offline advertising campaigns

Designing and executing impactful print and out-of-home advertising campaigns.

Plan campaign, creative visuals and organize placement. Up to 3 visuals per month.

Meta ads services

Meta advertising for increased visibility and engagement.

Change visuals or campaign settings if needed and monitoring performance weekly. Monthly insights and performance summary. Up to 3 campaigns per month on Meta (Instagram & Facebook).

Influencer marketing

Leveraging influencers' reach and credibility to amplify clients' brand messages and engagement.

Running ongoing influencer campaigns weekly with up to 3 campaigns per month. Two influencer identification, outreach, and negotiations per month.

Google ads management

Targeted ad campaigns and optimization on Google's advertising platforms.

Change keywords or campaign settings if needed and monitoring performance weekly. Monthly insights and performance summary. Up to 3 campaigns per month & insights in a dashboard with access at any time.

Ad hoc design creation

Creation of small design assets such as flyers, business cards, and other promotional materials.

Flyer design and/or business card design with up to 2 designs per month.

CHF 950 /Month
Additional Services
One time payment
Marketing strategy
CHF 6500
Website (starting at)
CHF 5200
Content concept
CHF 3800
Logo & brand guidelines (starting at)
CHF 4200
Pitch deck
CHF 2500
Growth hacking concept
CHF 5700
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